• Vellore Institute of Technology, Chennai, India
  • September 2020

International Conference on Scientific Research and Applied Engineering

Date: to be announced soon

ISRA 2020
presented by
IEEE Robotics and Automation Society,VIT Chennai
School of Electronics Engineering,VIT Chennai



The IEEE Robotics and Automation Society's objectives are scientific, literary and educational in character. The Society strives for the advancement of the theory and practice of Robotics and Automation Engineering Sciences, for the maintenance of high professional standards among its members, all in consonance with the constitutional bylaws of IEEE and with special attention to such aims within the field of interest of the society.


Our Mission is to provide an environment for students to grow and nurture their talents under the efficient guidance of reputed IEEE and industrial experts and keep the students updated with the latest trends and technologies and promote their researches and projects worldwide, with the Vision of being the most recognized and respected global organization in Robotics and Automation.

RAS endeavours to advance innovation, education, and fundamental and applied research in robotics and automation. Robotics research emphasizes intelligence and adaptability to cope with unstructured environments. Automation research emphasizes efficiency, productivity, quality, and reliability, bringing into focus the systems that operate autonomously, often in explicitly structured environments over extended periods.

The Society fosters the blooming of close cooperation and exchange of scientific and technological knowledge in Robotics and Automation that benefits members, the profession and humanity. It holds meetings for the presentation of papers, sponsors special technical publications, and through its committees studies and provides for the needs of its members and affiliates.

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“To the optimist, the glass is half full. To the pessimist, the glass is half empty. To the engineer, the glass is twice as full as it needs to be.” This September, IEEE RAS, VIT Chennai is proud to present to you the “International Conference on Scientific Research and Applied Engineering, ISRA 2020, which is sure to meet all your needs in all fields of engineering. Trust us guys... Don’t limit to just one. This is the 21st century!

This conference is to be held on the 18th and 19th of September 2020 and is filled to the brim with gallons of knowledge. You can be sure to not be disappointed. As mentioned earlier, this conference will feature various fields of engineering which we see as the greatest asset in provision. Today, you might be an electrical student thinking that your dream revolves around circuits but this conference is designed to open your minds to the endless possibilities of combining the knowledge of different fields to yield engineers of a different calibre. Who knows? You might be the start of an innovation.

Our Goal? To promote scientific information interchange between researchers, developers, engineers and students from around the world. This gathering will help the participants to establish research or business relations as well as to find international linkage for future collaborations in their career path. In order to assure quality, renowned speakers with years of expertise from all over the country will take over the proceedings.

Some of the main events/ topics will be Network planning , Sensor building , Mechanical Machine Design Mechatronics and Automation , Artificial Intelligence , Machine Learning , Industrial/Process Automation ,Automation in supply chain and are sure to be clear cut and sublime to keep you on your toes throughout both the days. But that's not all...along with the provision of knowledge through this distinguished conference, we will also lay down a chance for you to publish your paper and receive an award for the same. There you have it folks... Your doorway to being one of the aces in life. You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

This conference will take place on Microsoft teams platform


Event Organizers

Dr.Sivasubramanian A

Dr.Suchetha M

General Chair
Prof.Gugapriya G

AL Muthuveerappan

Program Chair
Nikita Rath

Finance Chair


Registration fee details






4000 (Non Indian)

40 USD

M.Tech/ME/Masters (Non-Indian)

50 USD


60 USD


People who don't want to present


Attendees (Non-Indian)

People who don't want to present

30 USD

6 pages allowed per registration. Additional --> ₹400 per page | ₹250 for the certificate for co-authors 6 pages allowed per registration. Additional --> 25 USD per page | 20 USD for the certificate for co-authors (Non-Indian)

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Vellore Institute of Technology,
Vandalur - Kelambakkam Road,
Chennai, Tamil Nadu - 600 127.

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Name: Mr. AL Muthuveerappan
Phone: +91-9940460841

Name: Mr. Varun Hameer Dutia
Phone: +91-8220618104