Mechanical and Civil

Mechanical and Civil Engineering! The building blocks of today’s world! This time it’s going to be bigger than ever! The mechanical engineering topics chosen are sure to entertain the noob and the pro in the art of building that revolutionary skyscraper. Casual machine design, Material science, Welding and powder technology and if you all are interested in building rockets….we have aerospace and fluid dynamics just for you geeks! Civil engineers are just as lucky.Geotechnical engineering, all the way to top of the art surveying will be discussed. Surveying the “middle ground” is also just as important. Knowledge of municipal engineering and transport are essential. And these are just few of the layers of that multi-tiered cake! So get your appetite going…’cause you’re gonna need it for what you are about to witness.


  1. Mechatronics and Automation
  2. Materials amd nano- technology Turbo machinery
  3. lnsdustral applications
  4. Production Planning and Control
  5. Industrial Planning
  6. Welding and Powder Technology Material Science
  7. Materials and Material Processing Mechanical Metallurgy
  8. Mechanics of Deformable Bodies Aerospace
  9. Computational Fluid Dynamics
  10. Bridge and Tunnel Engineering
  11. Building Energy Conservation and Green Architecture
  12. Geotechnical Engineering
  13. High-rise Structure and Large-span Structure
  14. Modern Trends in Civil Engineering
  15. Municipal Engineering
  16. Structural Engineering
  17. Surveying
  18. Transportation Engineering
  19. Water resource Engineering