Robotics and Automation

In the early days people wanted to build a robot, what was their first thought? You make a robot look like a human and do human things. This saying by Neil Degrasse Tyson brought about the society of Robotics and Automation which many of us choose as a field of study today. ISRA 2020 is confident in challenging you robo - geeks to a new outlook that Robotics and Automation could provide to the future. In time, we shall see robots taking over every menial activity a human could do. From robots designed for industrial purposes to those in healthcare and drones to those which provide data manipulation all under one roof. The knowledge of the future is just a step away!


  1. Industrial/Process Supply Chain Automation
  2. Aerial Robotics and Guided Vehicles
  3. Autonomous Drones and vehicles
  4. Surgical Robots
  5. Soft Robotics
  6. Health Care Automation
  7. Wearable Robotics
  8. Human Robot Coordination
  9. Cognitive Robotics
  10. Neuro Robotics
  11. Robot Vision,
  12. Planning Control
  13. Assistive Robots
  14. Socio Robots
  15. Mechanisms & Design Model Optimization
  16. Exoskeletons
  17. Mobile Manipulation Safety Rescue Robots
  18. Rehabilitation Robots